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Zoom and Chill

Zoom and COIVD-19 were two new things I heard this year. In the midst of a world pandemic, a new method of communication arose – zoom. Now worldwide, meetings and classes are taught via zoom, weddings are watched over zoom, even happy hour! We literally are living in such an unpredictable time – yet still are so connected. Since you guys are all in dental school just like me – you can probably agree with how tiring zoom is. Attending those morning lectures (from bed – we have all done it) , and even falling asleep during them (totally did that). But honestly speaking – we should all be so thankful! If it was not for this platform – the entire world’s progress would have been on hold!

Focusing on zoom may be an issue, but try these three tricks to help!

- Have a clean and organized work area. Whether that is near a window, on your dining table, or even porch (until summer remains) – you just need to be without distractions.

- Try to take notes or actively maybe jotting down key points to ensure you don’t zone out!

- Coffee! (or any beverage/snack that just helps you zone in!)

- Remind yourself how lucky you are to have the opportunity to continue learning and growing!

I personally love online lectures now – finally has been growing on me. So grab a comfy sweater or your coffee, and get to work!

-Karishma Mitter, SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine


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