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TOURO ASDA 2018-2019

Spa Day – Finale to Wellness Month The largest and most successful event of wellness month was Spa Day! Ever since our first Spa Day which took place last year, student have been looking forward to this event! This year, we invited makeup artists, massage therapists, estheticians, energy healers, and more! Our everyday student lounge transformed into a spa with the calming meditation music and soothing fragrances of essential oils in the air. Make-up application, massages, mini-facials, meditation sessions as well as reiki sessions were all included. Healthy refreshments such as fruits, tea, hummus, vegetables, healthy bars, spa water, etc. were provided. We hosted a raffle throughout wellness month and held the draw on spa day. The following items were raffled off: A Fitbit Charge 2, one of a kind “wellness gift baskets”, floating sessions, a yoga workshop, a life coach workshop, and a mindful eating workshop.

Pie and Politics – Advocacy Awareness Event For the month of November, we held a small event in our student lounge during lunch hour to raise awareness on advocacy and issues facing dental students and our profession. We provided pie and apple cider for students to enjoy while discussing advocacy and sending engage letters. This event introduced many of our students for the first time to issues facing the profession.

Q&A Residency Information Session – ASDA Fever week event During out ASDA Fever week in September, we held a brief panel discussion on the residency application and interview process. Participants included the director of the general dentistry residency program at Westchester Medical Center as well as some of her residents. Pizza and refreshments were provided. This was the first session of its kind at the Touro College of Dental Medicine since our third year students are just starting to look into residency.

Give Veterans a Smile Day at Touro College of Dental Medicine To honor our Veterans and give back to our community, the Touro College of Dental Medicine held it’s first ever “Give Veterans a Smile Day” on November 8, 2018 with the help of the administration and local dentists from the 9 th district dental association. Two ASDA members, Cody Novotny and Catherine Zimmerman, were instrumental in the planning of this event. Free oral screenings and emergency care were provided. Bitewing and panoramic radiographs, dental chartings, a prophy as well as home-care packages from Colgate were offered to all veterans and their families. The entire class of 2020 participated in this event. Refreshments were provided at the event and a caricature artist there to capture moments! Touro’s acapella group The Chromatic Scalers were present to sing the national anthem. Veterans will continue to receive 20% off their dental care at Touro.


1. Touro’s first ever Vendor Fair On February 22 , 2019 Touro will be hosting its first ever vendor fair. At the 2018 national leadership conference, ASDA committee member Yujun Wang and President Lana Hashim networked with vendors. We have already sent invitations to vendors and are off to a great start!

2. Give Kids a Smile Day Touro ASDA will be hosting its second annual Give Kids A Smile Day on February 6, 2019 from 3-7pm. We are off to a great start with great organization. Planning, and help from our administration, the 9 th district dental association and the community.

3. Predental Day Spring 2019 Touro ASDA will be planning its second predental day for predental students in the community. We will be hosting informative sessions and hands-on workshops.

Touro’s ASDA Chapter and how we are unique: Touro’s ASDA chapter was started 3 years ago when the school first opened its doors to the first class ever. Since then, we have held many successful events and attended many local and national meetings and conferences. We have a very strong team of pioneers that is extremely dedicated to ASDA’s mission statement and increasing ASDA’s awareness on campus. We are strong believers in wellness and always make sure our annual wellness month goes above and beyond We are constantly learning from other chapters around us and continuously improve from year to year. This year, our goal is to strengthen all of our committees and host more events and we are already off to a great start. In addition, our first ever vendor fair will take place February 2019. This will

enable us to send more students to district and national conferences so that they too can experience the “ASDA Fever”.


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