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BUFFALO ASDA 2018-2019


ASDA Week Boat Cruise 2018: Our ASDA members getting to know each other and enjoying a sunset cruise on Lake Erie. The cruise takes place during ASDA week, our first week of classes. Food and drinks provided!

ASDA Charity Fashion Show 2018: Students “modeling” at our 2nd Annual Fashion Show. Students also set up an art gallery to display all their awesome work! Many other talents were preformed throughout the night. Proceeds go to charity.

Billy Barue Golf Outing 2018: Students take advantage of the weekend during our highly popular Billy Barue Golf Outing, organized by our amazing fundraising committee.


Spring Formal: One of our fancier events of year. The Spring Formal allows students to get out of their scrubs and enjoy a more elegant night with delicious food, drinks, and plenty of dancing!

ASDA 5K: Students, faculty, friends, and family all get out their running shoes to take part in our annual 5k. Rain or snow, it is always a good time. Food and prizes take place post-run.

Red, White, and Brew: Organized by our advocacy committee, this event serves as an interactive platform to promote engagement and discussion surrounding hot topics in dentistry. It also serves as a networking event between students, residents, and dentists. As the name implies, beer and food are available for consumption.


Buffalo may be cold and snowy, but our ASDA chapter is red hot. We are fortunate to have developed an ASDA chapter with good involvement, both from our students and faculty alike. At the beginning of the year, we focus on getting the incoming D1s immediately engaged with “ASDA Week.” This takes place the first week for school and includes socials, the ASDA fair, boat cruise, and other activities. ASDA Buffalo also emphasizes national and district meetings and we are blessed to represent Buffalo in strong numbers each time. Students are involved both at a local and national level.

There is still plenty of room for improvement at Buffalo, and we have already begun preparing for next year. We plan to better organize and streamline our chapter through the implementation of a free software known as “Basecamp.” We are also looking to organize and formalize our “General Body” meetings. These meetings will allow us to more efficiently bring back and present the information we learn from the district and national events to the rest of the student body.


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