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RUTGERS ASDA 2018-2019

  1. Some of our events from the 2018 year…

  • D1 Orientation Kick Off- ASDA hosted a kickoff events for the new incoming class to get to know each other during their first week of orientation. This event happens annually and is always a night our students remember for the rest of their dental school career!

Fever Week- Our Fever Week this past September has all types of ASDA events, from a Wax-N-Relax tutoring session, to DIY Face masks to a HIIT workout class! Our whole school got involved to some degree and ASDA Fever was high.

Some of our fit-tastic HIIT class survivors!

DIY Face Masks during Fever Week were a great way to decompress!

  • Heartland Dental Dinner- Heartland Dental hosted a delicious Spanish dinner for our students to inform our student body about the opportunities they offer after graduation. Not only did we get to enjoy some delicious Paella, but a lot of questions were answered about what it was like to work in a corporate dental office.

Our 2018-2019 E-board at the Heartland Dental Dinner.

Some of our senior students learning about Heartland Dental opportunities over a delicious meal.

  • Halloween Party- Our annual Halloween party is always highly anticipated and lived up to all expectations yet again this year. The highly competitive costume contest motivated students to really dress to the nines. Everyone got to unwind a bit with a night of dancing, music, tacos and costume fun!

Our costume contests winners dressed as the sinking Titanic!

Some of our Halloween Party attendees with our MedPro hosts having a spooky time!

  • NJDPAC & ADPAC Pasta & Politics- For Advocacy month, our chapter hosted our NJPAC lobbyist and NJDA immediate past-president to come in and inform our students about the importance of advocacy and our impact in Washington D.C.

VP Marcus Santo, Legislative Liaisons Kaitlyn Jenisch and Jen Navatto, and our Social Media chair Saqib Ihsan, with the NJDA members who paid a visit for an Advocacy Lunch and Learn.

  1. Some of our upcoming events for 2019….

  • A Hands-on intra-oral photography & dental portfolio photography seminar with Dr. Michael Saba

  • Dr. Saba, a well-respected practitioner in our area, will be coming in to teach some of our students how to best photograph patients for our personal portfolios. This experience will be hands on with cameras, mirrors, and retractors, allowing patients to practice and master dental photography

  • Community Service Event: Oral hygiene instruction to local high school students

  • Newark, NJ, the city our dental school is located in, is a medically underserved community. As students here, we make want to make the most of our knowledge by passing it on to the people of the Newark community. Every year we meet with middle schoolers and high schoolers to give them oral hygiene instruction and oral health care products in hopes to improve their oral health and motivate better hygiene habits.

  • Spring Fling

  • Every year, once spring time rolls around, ASDA hosts a night out for our students to relax after a week full of stressful midterms. Students from all classes attend our Hoboken event to make new friends, build old friendships and dance the night away!

Our ASDA chapter at Rutgers is a family; although all of our students are enrolled as ASDA members, this is the one organization that brings all of us classmates together as one, promoting each others’ wellness, rights and interests as we pursue our careers together on this tumultuous journey. Rutgers ASDA allows our members to come together outside of the clinical or classroom setting and humanize our experience as dental students. Our chapter is recently revived and not financially supported by the school or vendors, so our immediate goals involve fundraising to get more students and representation at ASDA’s national meetings. We also hope to increase overall involvement from members, administrators and faculty members alike, at our events. Our Rutgers ASDA chapter has a very strong foundation, that we hope to expand upon and with our passionate members and enthusiastic e-board, we have a bright future ahead.


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