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  • AAPD and ASDA Community Service had a fantastic second event at El Nido in their weekly reading club! After reading “How to Brush Your Teeth” with Snappy Croc, we shared our dental knowledge with mothers and their beautiful children.

  • CDM ASDA Pre-Dental committee hosted our annual 'Dental Student for a Day' event! Pre-dental students from around the area learned how to fill Class I preps with composite, and got the chance to see and learn about different dissected organs in our anatomy lab. Thank you to all the dental students who made this event possible, and shout out to all the pre-dents that were able to attend.

  • During ASDA Fever Week, 300 OHI goodie bags were made for the women's shelter Sanctuary for Families! A special shout-out to the Community Service Committee for creating brochures uniquely tailored to the oral health needs for women and children, as well as Roger Chu, Huilin Cao, Sara Cadavid, Itzel Medina, and Sophie J for translating them into Spanish and Chinese! We are grateful to fund this project through the National ASDA Dentistry in the Community Grant for serving vulnerable populations. We will continue our mission of service in not only providing dental-related education, but also supplying other needs, such as food and clothing. Additionally, there was a Lunch & Learn on October 12th where representatives from Sanctuary for Families shared their experience with domestic violence survivors and our responsibilities as oral healthcare providers to support their safety and health. Then, the nonprofit organization Sanctuary For Families came to present about their mission and educated CDM students on how to better help patients that are victims of domestic violence.

  • Columbia students attended a guest lecture by William Barrett, Esq. on Associate Dental Agreements. We learned a lot about negotiating deals in the business and legal side of dentistry! CDM students also heard Dr. Donald Tanenbaum speak about the medical problems that give rise to orofacial and temporomandibular pain. We also learned about sleep apnea and the role dentists can play in managing airways! These are just a few of the many events that our students have attended at the New York County Dental Society.

  • Wellness Committee planned a fun kickboxing event for Wellness Month through a National ASDA grant!


  • MAAA Panel: Student representatives who attended the MAAA conference in Washington D.C. will sit on a panel and share their experiences with our chapter.

  • Cookbook Club for Wellness: We will kickstart the club with “appetizers”. Chapter members will bring their favorite appetizer and copies of the recipe. We will all eat together, and at the end, will have a collection of recipes to add to our ASDA Cookbook.

  • ASDA Week of Service: Our Community Service team is planning a Push Pedal cycling class, preparing meals for the homeless, and sparking high school students’ interest in dentistry by serving on a student panel for College for Every Student


Columbia ASDA has been making huge strides in engaging our members this year. We are particularly focused on developing our committees with robust programming and new leaders, initiating events that are relevant and exciting, and encouraging early involvement from our first and second years through a new attendance points system. The goal as we move into 2019 is to continue riding on this momentum and making the rest of the year as meaningful and "feverish" as can be!


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