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Inaugural Class Experience

My name is Lea Chernoff and I am a D3 at Touro College of Dental Medicine. Being a student in the inaugural class has been an incredible experience. I have started treating patients in the clinic which has been an exciting experience because I am now able to translate my knowledge from the classroom to the clinical setting. I love being part of TCDM because the faculty really care about their students growing in the dental field. One benefit of being at a new school is the state-of-the-art equipment as well as exposure to more complicated cases in clinic under the guidance of our outstanding faculty. I have also found the technology aspect of the program to be unique at TCDM. We are being taught how to take 3-D digital scans using Trios and sending the scans to the lab to mill crowns. This is undoubtedly the future of dentistry and I am very grateful TCDM provides this learning opportunity for all of their students. Typically, an average day at TCDM consists of case presentations in the morning before seeing patients, followed by treating patients for the day. TCDM has provided countless opportunities as far as starting clubs and organizations which I don't think I would have had at other schools.

Blog Contributor: Lea Chernoff '20

Volunteer at the Westchester Medical Center Dental Clinic

Traveling & Snowboarding

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