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Aloha from the Trustee

Aloha, ASDA District 2!

If you follow @dentalstudents on Instagram, you may have seen some familiar faces posting from Honolulu, Hawaii a few weeks ago! From October 17th – 23rd , 11 of your national ASDA leaders attended the 2018 ADA Annual Session, serving as delegates for the ADA House of Delegates.

What’s a delegate?

Similar to ASDA’s Annual Session (coming up Pittsburg, PA in 2019), delegates are representatives selected from each state come together to vote on resolutions that will become ADA policy. ASDA’s delegation this year consisted of the EC, as well as 1 representative from each of the 11 ASDA districts. I had the privilege of representing District 2 (NY and NJ)!

How does a resolution become ADA policy?

Prior to the start of Annual Session, resolutions are submitted and released to ADA members to review. Once you arrive, you meet with your delegation and go over each item. Each resolution falls into 1 of 4 committees, with each category headed by a reference committee (RC). Reference committee hearings occur before the voting session of the House of Delegates, and it serves as a town-hall style forum where individuals, on behalf of themselves

or their dental society, can share their thoughts regarding a resolution. Once each RC hosts a hearing, and the public has had a chance to discuss, voting commences once the House is in session. Did you know? ASDA gets 7 full votes in the ADA House of Delegates? What students think and how we vote, matters!

How many hours did we spend on the beach?

Contrary to what it looked like, many of us didn’t touch the beach at all! Most of our days started around 6AM as we reviewed and discussed each resolution. We also had visits from each candidate running for office, allowing us to get to know our future ADA leaders. After our busy work, we attended evening socials hosted by various organizations, such as ADPAC (American Dental Political Action Committee) and TDA (Texas Dental Association).

Important to know as a new dentist – ADAPT (ADA Practice Transitions)

Taken from the ADA website: “ADA Practice Transitions is a new service offered through ADA Business Innovations Group to foster relationships between dentists at key points in their careers. The purpose is to match dentists who are looking to join a practice with owners who are seeking a partner, associate or someone to purchase their practice. Included in the initiative is an online platform with tips, tools and training relevant to each dentist’s situation. In addition, an advisor is assigned to the partnership to help facilitate the process and foster a positive relationship for both parties beyond the transaction.”

Interested in attending next year’s ADA Annual Session? Contact Trustee Rachel Kim @

Blog Contributor: Rachel Kim, Buffalo '19

ASDA, District 2 Trustee

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