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Wax and Relax

For over 50 pre-dentals, the morning began with a brief introduction from the Pre-Dental

liaisons and an informal Q + A session with UBSDM Director of Admissions, Dr. David Brown.

Early on, cautious inquiries were lofted around. “Will my 3.97 GPA and 28 DAT get me an

interview?” “Is 5000 hours of shadowing enough?” Slowly the attendees warmed up. “How

many credits do 1st year students take in the fall semester?” “Do students still learn how to

work with amalgam?” By the end of the session, everyone was comfortable and pre-dents were

asking “Which bar has the best happy hour?” to which Dr. Brown smirked, “you’ll have to ask

some current students.”

The next activity took place in the beautiful, new pre-clinic. Once brown paper was laid over

every square inch of the room, dental student volunteers paired up with the pre-dents before a

brief waxing instructional tutorial. Since safety is always a priority, students used the state of

the art technology to demonstrate the finger rest technique, which was promptly forgotten.

After waxing for about an hour some of the pre-dents had made almost no progress, while

others made relatively nice contours on their #8 MIF project. The pre-dental students were

allowed to bring it home as a souvenir, or throw in the trash. Regardless, everyone enjoyed the

workshop and valuable experiences were shared between current and prospective students.

Lunch is always the best part of the day and everyone rejoiced over Panera sandwiches,

Wegman’s cookies, and water (don’t forget the pickles). While continuing the conversations

with current students, more stories were shared, advice given, and rumors dispelled.

Dr. Joseph DeLuca, a 2007 graduate and current faculty member at UBSDM, gave a nice

presentation on his experiences as a student, young dentist, and career educator. He touched

on organized dentistry, ASDA, vacation, budgeting, grades and everything in between, and his

down to earth perspective resonated well with the pre-dental students.

A tour through the Pre-Clinic and Clinic closed out the day. Advertising the electric handpieces,

digital dentistry in the curriculum, and planned renovations left students with hopeful

anticipation for their experiences during a day in the life as a dental student at the University at

Buffalo. Ignorance is bliss….

Overall the day was a huge success and up next, Suturing and Splinting in December!

Blog Contributor: Andrew Haber, Buffalo '21

ASDA, Chapter Pre-Dental Liaison Elect

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