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ASDA Fever Outbreak @ Rutgers

This year’s Fever Week at Rutgers ASDA chapter immediately followed our District 2 Meeting in Saratoga so our ASDA fever kicked off with high momentum! We started our Fever Week September 10th with a Panera Fundraiser night to promote both wellness and fundraising. Panera promotes “food as it should be” by serving food that is clean of artificial flavors and rich in nutrients. This is what drove our chapter to choose Panera for our fundraising night. Our chapter made 20% of the proceeds, and our students were able to enjoy some delicious comfort food on a cold, rainy Monday.

The following day was our “Intro to ASDA: General Interest Meeting” for the D1 class. Even before this meeting we had new D1s interested in learning about ASDA and becoming involved, so this meeting was highly anticipated! Our second-year board members presented about ASDA, what we stand for, and how our students get involved. The D1s were excited and we had many students interested in becoming class representatives. After a close election, we chose two new enthusiastic members on our e-board to represent the Class of 2022. Later that day, we had our Fever Week HIIT Class taught by Dre, a trainer from Intrepid Gym in Montclair, NJ. We had many students come out and break a sweat in this high intensity class. Dre’s class left our legs sore and wobbling for the rest of Fever Week, to say the least.

Our hump day activities were an after-school DIY Face Mask class hosted by our very own Wellness Chair, Cassidy. We had ingredients like yogurt, coffee, essential oils, coconut oil, coffee, oatmeal, cucumbers, lemon, and more! Students could pick their own ingredients based on their skin type and what they wanted from the mask. With waterfall visuals and a relaxing playlist, this Fever Week event was a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. Later Wednesday evening, ASDA hosted tutoring in pre-clinic for the D1s and D2s at a Wax-N-Relax/Drill-N-Chill event. Upperclassmen tutored their younger peers over some munchkins and coffee. The D1s found this very helpful as they are still new to pre-clinic, waxing, and drilling and could use some helpful pointers.

Thursday was the day everyone was looking forward to because it was the day of our Smile Bangladesh Social event at the Shannon in Hoboken, NJ, and also the day of the Big/Little Reveal for the D1 and D2 classes! We encouraged all of the new bigs and littles to come out and get to know each other at our social event. We had over 70 attendees come to Hoboken that night where they played Jenga, darts, foosball and danced the night away! The best part of this event is that we raised about $300 for Smile Bangladesh, which is a a New Jersey based nonprofit dedicated to caring for children and adults afflicted with facial cleft deformities in Bangladesh and around the world.

We finished off our action-packed week with a lunchtime Bake Sale. After a long week of work and play, we rewarded our students and faculty with some delicious treats. The fan favorite was our secretary Catherine’s homemade cookie sandwiches. One of our faculty even came back and donated more money because of how tasty they were! Overall our chapter had a fun week spreading ASDA Fever and we hope to keep the energy high throughout the rest of the year!

Blog Contributor: Meaghan McCormick, Rutgers, '20

ASDA, President AAWD, PR Chair Foresight Leader Decision for Dentistry Program, Student Mentor Didactic & Lab Courses, Tutor Orthodontics Department, Researcher

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