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Columb-boying: B-Boying at the Columbia Talent Show Fundraiser!

Columbia Dental threw its annual talent show in late April, a time-honored tradition. The show is run by the first year class and raises money via ticket sales and an auction of donated items including dinner with faculty members, a yacht trip, or even biceps training from a muscular student. All of the funds that are raised go towards activity fees for the incoming D1 orientation week. Everyone in the first year class came together to organize the event, make food, and participate in the show. The show was attended by many, including faculty, staff, and students. We even had 18 incoming D1’s show up this year!!

My contribution was making chicken wings, and I suppose choreographing a dance for the show. My dance style is b-boying or also known as breakdancing. I started back in college, and it has been a part of my life ever since. I started preparing for the show three months ago with dance tryouts. The dancers had a wide variety of backgrounds, from hip hop dance to modern to no experience at all, and included not just dental but also medical, public health, and PhD students. It was a balancing act to teach while having lectures, drilling plastic teeth, and going on ASDA trips. Preparing came down to the wire with a lot of cramming in the week leading up to the show (Why am I always cramming in dental school?).

The performances opened up with a national anthem rendition, a stand-up comedy act, and musical acts from several very talented first year students. My dance group’s act (check out the act on Youtube) came on, and I’ll always appreciate how hard our classmates cheered for us. I’m glad we were able to share and entertain, but I’m also looking forward to passing the baton to the next class and seeing what they can do.

Top Row: Shaza L., Shira H., Tina D., Esther C., Anna P., and Huilin Cao*

Bottom Row: Amelia Z., James Brophy*, and Peter Chyun*

* denotes students in CDM '21

Blog Contributor: Peter Chyun, Columbia, '21

ASDA D2, Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair

ASDA Chapter, Advocacy Chair

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