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A Day of Remembrance...

The Donor Remembrance Ceremony was an event hosted on Sunday, April 15th by the leaders of the medical and dental school classes of 2021 to honor the family members and friends of those who graciously donated their body to science. As family members and friends arrived, they were greeted with a rose to symbolize the students’ appreciation for their loved one’s donation. After introductions by the student leaders and chair of the Anatomy department, those in attendance had the opportunity to share a meal with one another. Students got the chance to talk amongst different family members and friends to hear stories of their loved ones and connect with each other on a more personal basis. Afterwards, the students expressed their gratefulness in many ways, including performing music, original songs, poems, and covers for those in attendance. These actions were symbols of gratitude, appreciation and knowledge learned from taking the Anatomy course and having the opportunity to explore the human body.

Finally, to end the night, those in attendance got to watch a presentation of the names of those who donated their body to science, and for some, got to see pictures from when they were alive. Family members and friends were also given the opportunity to speak and address those in attendance. They told stories of their loved one’s fondest memories, the good times and the bad, and struggles towards the end of life. They overwhelmingly expressed their gratitude about how much it meant to them that a ceremony like this to honor their deceased relatives and friends was organized in such a professional and caring manner. Overall, for the students, family members, and friends who attended, the experience was something special; this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that left an impression on the hearts of many. The students finally were able to put a story to what originally was just a course with a human body to learn off of, and the family members and friends got to experience the gratitude and genuine appreciation of the students who had the last interactions with their loved ones. It was truly an inspiring and tear-filled night, and one that impacted the lives of many.

Blog Contributor: Joseph A. Manzella Jr., Stony Brook, '21

Class of 2021, President

ASDA, President-Elect

Public Health Club, President


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