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Pearly White Coats, Here We Come!

Late nights in the library, numerous hours waxing in the lab, and endless amounts of coffee are accurate depictions of how the first 6 months of dental school were survived; the light at the end of the tunnel for several of us was our White Coat Ceremony on Monday, April 16th. Many say that this ceremony is a ‘rite of passage’ for dental students that are finishing the preclinical aspect of school and moving toward the clinical portion. For me, this was a moment to reflect on the crazy journey that was my first year of dental school. There were times during this year when school became overwhelming and demanding, but the White Coat Ceremony motivated me to finish strong. This ceremony represented more than just the transition from pre-clinical life to the clinical life as dental students. It represented our past endeavors that led us to this exact moment. This included all the struggles and sacrifices that were made to get us into dental school. For me, that involved studying for the DAT and balancing interviews, while taking undergraduate classes and maintaining high academic scores. All these sacrifices were worth it when I stood beside my classmates as we wore our newly endowed white coats. As we chorally recited the Hippocratic Oath, our promise to uphold the highest standard of professionalism and compassion, a feeling of fulfilment came over knowing that our families and friends were sharing this moment with us. A feeling of giddiness rushed over me as I realized what the completion of the White Coat Ceremony meant: I am one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a dentist. Although this new chapter of my dental school career will require equal, if not more, extensive hours of hard work, I know I will make it through. I could not have made it to this point without the support of many influential people along the way. The faculty and upperclassmen at school are extremely generous with their time and knowledge by always

offering to help and sharing their tips. My family and friends have always encouraged me to

persevere even when the times got tough. I am also thankful to have beautiful classmates,

inside and out, to share this journey with. I would not want to be on this life changing journey

with anybody else!

Blog Contributor: Heather Ercolano, Stony Brook, '21

ASDA, Member


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